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Crime prevention

The Crime Survey for England & Wales 2013/14 is now available on http://www.mycrimeprevention.co.uk/.  Lots of resources to help you from becoming a victim of crime.  The Crime Preventation Infographic is useful.


Stop Heathrow Flight Path Trial with immediate effect in all areas in & around Ascot

I wanted to draw your attention to an online petition that was set-up  by a local lady, Amanda Smerczack via http://www.change.org/p/stop-heathrow-flight-path-trial-with-immediate-effect-in-all-areas-in-around-ascot-ascot-residents-are-voicing-concerns-over-the-current-flight-path-trial-call-for-an-immediate-end-to-it-we-are-being-disturbed-by-an-increase-in-aircraft-noises-overhe?recruiter=43124732&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition.


Care Fees Annuity Planning

As you get older finding, moving, and settling down in a residential care or nursing home in Virginia Water is a stressful time.  Trying to understand how to fund a move to a care home in Virginia Water can be even more stressful for you or your relatives.


Local Gardening and Landscaping Services

Beautiful Gardens take thought and expertise. We are a family run business based in Virginia Water, Surrey.  We started  the company 27 years ago and proud to say that we still have customers that have been with us for 26 years.!!!


Blinds and Awnings for homes in Virginia Water

Patio Awnings and Awnings for your home or for your business in Virginia Water.   Deans Awnings and Blinds will have the right product for you.


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