I am pleased to report that the proposal to introduce parking charges at Virginia Water was "roundly defeated" at the recent Council meeting.

Ken Seakens
26 June 2012


The Campaign

The current position with on street parking in Virginia Water is that there is 2 hours free parking which is policed. It is not a problem and the turnover of parking is regular and the spaces are not regularly blocked by staff of the businesses who tend to park at the rear of the shops etc.

Given restaurants, hairdressers, dentist, solicitor, estate agents, doctors etc.,etc. in the parades, 30 minutes free parking then pay & display is clearly not enough time to eat a meal or have treatment or consult professionals. Local businesses, including the Wentworth Residents Association, are overwhelmingly against the proposal which appears to be simply a cynical money-raising venture by Surrey County Council. There is no demand for this change, quite the reverse, and as there is no problem it does not need fixing.

Our local councillors are also against this scheme but need backup from local residents and customers of the local community businesses to help them condemn the proposals.

Regrettably we have only just become aware of a practical time limit of the end of this month as the issue is to be debated on 18th June and we need as many letters as possible to be sent before 1st June to ensure they get into the system.  Draft text in the letter is....

Councillor Melville Few
c/o Mrs Sylvia Carter
Community Partnership & Committee Officer
Runnymede Borough Council
Runnymede Civic Centre
Station Road
Addlestone KT15 2AH

Dear Councillor Few,

Re: Proposed changes to parking regulations in Virginia Water

As a resident of or frequent visitor to Virginia Water I wish to register my objection to the proposed changes to parking in the village, which will directly impact on the life, welfare and prosperity of this currently vibrant community.

With a local population of over 6,113 Virginia Water has maintained its sense of community and its diverse range of shops and facilities at a time when many small villages have become featureless outskirts of the nearest major shopping town. There are currently some  33   shops and businesses in the village including a bank, post office, GP surgery, dentist, pharmacy, solicitor, estate agents, grocery stores, bakery, opticians, restaurants, hairdressers….all of which rely on the local community for their trade and services and vice versa.

People using the station or longer term parking quite rightly pay a fee for parking in the village but those who simply wish to make a short visit to one of the many shops or services can currently do so at no charge for up to 2 hours.  Plans to reduce this to 30 minutes  will have a devastating effect on the local residential and business community by removing one of the key motivators for continuing to use the village rather than one of the surrounding town centres. If this change to parking is allowed to happen, and based on the experiences of other communities where such changes have already been imposed, Virginia Water will lose the very essence of all that makes it a successful and sustainable village.

With just  approximately 107  free short-term parking bays and 3 disabled bays along Station Approach and Station Parade it is impossible to understand how the revenue from the proposed parking can justify the increased costs of regulation and maintenance of the new system but more importantly how it will justify the irreparable damage it will do to this community.

Yours truly


Please download our template Word document to send a letter to your Surrey County Councillor Melville Few.


Ken Seaken
Seakens Solicitors
18 Station Approach
Virginia Water
GU25 4DW
p: 01344 843666

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