Wentworth - a host of happy memories

Wentworth Club Ltd   Wentworth - a host of happy memories   166 pages.

When I first commissioned this publication to coincide with the opening of the refurbished clubhouse, I had no idea what an enthralling and absorbing book it would turn out to be. It captures many facets of Wentworth since its earliest inception and is interspersed with the right blend of anecdotes and, at times, controversial comment. It gives an interesting viewpoint not just on Wentworth throughout its illustrious history but also an insight into the role it has played in the development of the game. This book will be treasured by Club members for many years to come, and those golfers who prefer match-play golf will enjoy the selection of some of the finest matches ever played between the greats of this golfing age. I was quite amazed by the depth of research which has been carried out and my grateful thanks go to all our friends ? the golfing writers, who have contributed to this excellent work. It also makes us realize that each succeeding generation of owners and members of Wentworth have left things better for their successors. This surely is the essence of a great golf club whose reputation improves with every decade. Elliott Bernerd Club Chairman 1993

ISBN: 0-9521595-0-3   Publisher: Wentworth Club Ltd
Where to purchase: Please contact the Wentworth Club to purchase. Full details via their webstie http://www.wnetworthclub.com/

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