Wellington's Peninsular War Generals and their Battles

Dr Tony Heathcote   Wellington's Peninsular War Generals and their Battles   208 pages.


Wellington’s Peninsular War Generals and their Battles is an informative, yet highly entertaining book and is a good piece of essential referencing work to those interested in the period as well as the wider history of the British Army. 

Wellington’s Peninsular War Generals are widely regarded as being better subordinates than independent commanders, a perception that owes much to their great chief himself.  Although even the best must suffer from comparison with a Wellington, this book shows that, while some of his generals failed when trusted with independent commands, others succeeded and deserve more credit than they are often given. 

The book covers the lives of forty-one of the best-known divisional commanders, principal staff officers and heads of the supporting arms and services in Wellington’s Anglo-Portuguese army which famously halted Napoleon’s previously invincible Eagles and forced them back into France.  Each entry, carefully researched and arranged in alphabetical order, places the events of its subjects life in its military, political or social context. 

Dr Tony Heathcote was born in 1936 and educated at Cheshunt Grammar School, Herts, and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, where he read History.  In 1963 he joined staff at the newly formed National Army Museum, where in 1970 he became the first Curator of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Collection.  Some of his major publications include The Afghan Wars 1839-1919, The Military in British India 1600-1947and Mutiny and Insurgency in India 1857-58.  Married with one daughter, he lives with his wife in Camberley, Surrey.

ISBN: 9781848840614   
Where to purchase: www.pen-and-sword.co.uk - 20% off at the moment 01226 734222

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