What's For Ye , Won't Go By Ye

Avril Dalziel Saunders   What's For Ye , Won't Go By Ye   288 pages.

The story follows the life of two generations of the MacGregor family through the eyes of Linda, Douglas MacGregor's daughter. Beginning in the Possilpark area of Glasgow in 1950 when Linda is two years old, the novel traces the family's struggles though the first part of 20th Century. From the hardships of the 1930's and love story between her parents, Douglas and Margie through the terrifying war years of the 1940's.

World War II seriously affected many soldiers and their families. Men sometimes sacrificed up to 6 years of their lives defending the UK from Nazi oppression. Some were killed in action, others spent the rest of their lives hospitalised and the "lucky ones"  were left with their nightmare memories.

Douglas Macgregor was one of the "lucky ones," He  never spoke about his horrific war experiences. Instead he turned to drinking to erase the pain then took his torment out on the ones he loved most his family."
What's For Ye, Won't Go By Ye  tells how families at home survived in spite of the constant fear of German air bombing raids  It covers the peaceful post-war 1950's. It reflects on the on-going Glasgow conflicts concerning Protestant/Catholic and Rangers/Celtic. It ventures into the magical 1960's: The Glasgow sense of humour shines through in this story, along with the emotion of the times.

What's For Ye, Won't Go By Ye is not just a  novel, but a trip into the hearts and minds of our parents and grandparents into their personal demons, courage, and triumphs. It also takes into account Douglas MacGregor's experiences when he was based in army barracks in Surrey, operating anti-aircraft guns on the White Cliffs of Dover and abroad during the Second World War. 

ISBN: 978-1846670138   
Where to purchase: 'What's For Ye, Won't Go By Ye' can be purchased over the counter from Waterstones, WHSmith and any good bookshops, if you don't see it on the shelf, ask and they will order it in for you. It is also for sale on Amazon and practically all other book websites around the world.

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