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Runnymede Joint Committee meeting

[25 November 2019]

Runnymede Joint Committee Meeting

On Monday 25th November at 7pm there is a Runnymede Joint Committee meeting which brings the Borough Council and County Council together to deal with issues in the area. On this date the main focus of the meeting is parking and anti-social behaviour. Members of the public will be able to question the key officers face to face and put forward their ideas on what should be done. It would be an excellent opportunity for EGVRA members to come and put forward questions around the student parking and all the drinking, smashed bottles and noise late at night so we can look at the idea of a Public Space Protection Order for example. The police should also be present at the meeting and council officers at the meeting have to take action and must be accountable.

The link to the meeting is below and in due course the information will added and the agenda etc.

The meeting will take place in the Village Centre, Victoria Street, TW20 0QX

Runnymede Joint Committee meeting

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