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It comes from the name of one of the Lakes in the Windsor Great Park. A history of the lakes can be found under the History section of the website.
The golf course has developed over many years and at one stage the building that is now the Clubhouse was the home of the famous Count Cabrera. There are lots more details about Virginia Water and Wentworth under the history part of the website
The Virginia Water train station is on the main line to Waterloo and passes through Staines, Richmond and Clapham Junciton. The village is a short distance from the M25 Staines and M25 Chertsey junctions, Heathrow airport, the M3 and the M4 motorways giving it maximum accessibility. Details of timetables can be found on http://www.nationalrail.co.uk.
Good question! The pubs in the Village are the Stag and Hounds on Wellington Avenue and The Olive Branch on Callow Hill. The Wheatsheaf Hotel on London Road has a public bar as well as being a hotel. The rest are all restaurants - it is just that type of area.
The Sanatorium closed in 1981 and its last patients were moved to St Peter's hospital. The site was sold around 1993/4. It is now a private estate called Virginia Park. Many features of the original building have been preserved under preservation order. On certain days of the year it is possible for the public to make a visit.
The main organisation pulling on community events is the Virginia Water Community Assocaition. Full details are on the website about the organisation.
It is believed that the Cascade officially started on 4th April 1797 after a large personal investment in the words by King George III. More details about the construction of the Lake can be found under the local history section.

As far as we know the paths around the lakes are open all the time. However, it is rather dark at night as there is little lighting around the walks. More details about the Windsor Great Park can be found on the Crown Estate website here.

In the 20th century Surrey was traditionally known as "the stockbroker belt", a place where affluent City professionals bought large mock Tudor houses, and enjoyed a privileged lifestyle, playing golf, (the wife played tennis) superintending the gardener and driving the Jaguar or Bentley to the local pub for a gin and tonic. Whether such a stereotype ever existed in vast numbers is doubtful, but today you are as likely to find a very different type of wealthy person living down a Surrey lane. There are pop stars ( Eric Clapton at Ewhurst, Ringo Starr at Cranleigh, Mick Hucknall at Walton-on-Thames, Cliff Richard at Weybridge, Ronan Keating at Thames Ditton) media celebrities (Michael Caine at Leatherhead and Chris Evans at Godalming) sport superstars ( Jimmy White in Cobham, Colin Montgomerie in Oxshott and Sir Geoff Hurst in Weybridge) plus the odd former South American dictator or member of the Royal Family: General Pinochet and the Duchess of York temporarily resided at Wentworth (she is now renting in Windlesham) and Prince Edward (the Queen's youngest son) and his wife live at Bagshot Park near Woking. Details provided by www.surreyhomes.com wherer more info on Surrey can be found.

This is something that you would need to contact the Crown Estate about as they are responsible for the Park. Details on Crown Estate.

Full details of the Windsor Great Park and Virginia Water lakes can be found on the Crown Estate website http://www.crownestate.co.uk/. Details of the parking areas and eating facilities can be found on the page http://www.crownestate.co.uk/estates/080.htm.

Details can be found on the Crown Estate website Crown Estate. Details of Savill Gardens within the Estate can be found on Savill Garden.

The Main airport is approx 8.5 miles (14km) as the cros flies but 11.5 miles via A30/M25/M4.
Entry to the estate is via the security gate opposite Virginia Water Train Station. Tours are available between 10am and 6pm on the following dates during 2003 May 21/25 June 18/25/26 July 16/23/27 Aug 13/20/24 Sept 17/24/28 Oct 15/22/26 Nov 19/23/26 Dec None
There are three lakes in the Windsor Great Park - Virginia Water Lake is 4.5 miles around, Obelisk Pond is 1 1/2 miles with a shortcut making it about 1m. You can't walk around the third lake called "Johnston's Pond". More details about the lakes can be found in books available in the Savill Garden bookshop.
There are no local bus services in Virginia Water. Details of travel around Surrey can be found on the link http://surreyonline.info/ under A-Z of services.
Virginia Water lake is part of the Crown Estate and a permit must be obtained from the Crown Estate Office in order to fish on restricted parts of the lakes (south of Virginia Water Lake, top of Johnson's Pond and top of Obelisk Pond). The Crown Estate contact details are .... Crown Estate Office, The Great Park, Windsor, SL42HT, phone 01753-860222. The season runs from 16th June until 14th March. 2003 season ticket is 55.
Officially no because there are lots of weeds and plants around the lake that could trap someone especially a child. Full details of the part on www.crownestate.co.uk/estates/windsor/index.shtml and www.savillgarden.co.uk/.
Yes, the football club is located in Crown Road and can be contacted on 01344-843811.
Virginia Water has no club or live music. It has mostly very high quality restaurants where you can enjoy some of the best food in the world. There are night clubs in Ascot and Staines.
The nearest Language School offering English for foreign students is the Oast House in Staines. Phone number 01784-457372.
Cycling is permitted on on certina paths around the lakes. This are indicated at the entrances to the lake.
http://www.traveline.org.uk/ contains impartial information on planning your journey, by bus, coach or train... or any combination of the three!

Virginia Water Lakes are part of the Windsor Great Park which is controlled by the Crown Estate. Filming rights for Virginia Water must be obtained from the Estate Office which manages the Virginia Water Lakes. Details are ....

The Great Park
telephone 01753 860222
fax 01753 859617

Cycling is only permitted on specified paths which are designated at the various entrances to the park.
Try http://www.savillgarden.co.uk/ and http://www.crownestate.co.uk.
According to the notices displayed at the various entrances to the lakes no open fires or BBQs are permitted in the grounds of the Windsor Great Park.
There are three lakes but a good starting point would be to use postcode GU25 4QF on www.streetmap.co.uk or www.multimap.co.uk

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