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[10/02/2016 - 03:37:06 PM]


I am trying to find my Dad after not hearing from him since 2003. :(  His name is Francis John Atkinson, but people either call him Frank or John.  He worked as a mechanic in Egham for years and used to drink in the Foresters Arms.  If any one can help please e-mail me.  Thanks Sharon

[16/04/2014 - 06:25:07 AM]
City : Brisbane, QLD Australia

Hi I lived in Stroude Rd twice in the 70's/80's first off in the Roal Standard pub with my parents and sister, and then in no 417 for a few years before we emigrated to Oz. I really loved living there and my friends were great, I spent all of my play time down on the Tilley's farm, probably not called that now.

[29/03/2014 - 12:05:34 PM]

hi my name is christopher turner i used to live on essex close i am looking for a mr paul richardson who used to live at i think number 14 essex close he had a sister called jannette me and paul used to go to school together back 1988 if anyone knows of his whereabouts please email me

[15/01/2014 - 06:07:10 PM]

I studied painting at the Adult Education Center of Camberley in the 8o's with Graham Scandrett. I now live in South America and became rather appreciated artist. I would like to renew contact with Graham to let him know but I lost all ways of doing it. Thank you for helping.

[11/12/2013 - 07:34:21 PM]
City : Oslo, norway
Company : Norway Trade Fair Org


I have found that Colin Keers is living in Addleston,Surry,Kt 15.However, i can not find a telephone number or postal code

The reason is that I sailed together with a"Colin Keers" apr. 40 years ago ~but lost contact.could you please help me?                Best regards.              Torodd Hauge,           IkOstadalsveien 39,                   0753 Oslo,Norway-mobile +47 40236090



[16/11/2013 - 12:55:20 AM]
City : Vernon, BC Canada

Does anybody remember living in poet’s corner (Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Byron and Tennyson roads) and playing football in the summer evenings down the bottom of Shakespeare road in the late fifties? We use to have quite a gang some nights out there playing, such as the Williams brothers, Worthy, Izzard, Peel brothers, Woodger brothers, Kane, Charlton, Flanagan, Jones, and the three James brothers.

Of course, there was Old Reg (pensioner) that use to hang over his front gate at # 3 and watch us.

Happy Days

[01/10/2013 - 07:52:33 PM]
City : Dartmouth , ns Canada

Hi people of Addlestone! We wonder if you can assist us in locating a dear friend whom we met in Florida years ago.We have been corresponding with her several years but a couple of months ago we never received a response. She may be sick, unable to write,etc. Her name is Adelaide Aikman, last known address was 17 Audley House,Addlestone Park ,Surrey England. If anyone could help me It would be appreciated. Thanks....The Connors

[27/03/2013 - 06:37:56 PM]
City : Addlestone, Surrey UK
Club : Addlestone Taekwondo
Company : Addlestone Taekwondo


If you wish to start a martial art in Addlestone please visit:



[19/03/2013 - 02:24:10 AM]
City : smithfield, pa usa

I'm trying to locate family members- last name Cammell- John or Michael, parents were Reg and Frances- my mother was Doreen- sister to Reg. I hope someone can help me.

Thanks so much!!!

[07/09/2012 - 09:52:36 AM]

Hello. I am looking for the Martin family from 1 Church Cottages,Weybridge Road, Addlestone.

William Martin emigrated to NZ in the early 1990's probably following his sisters Patricia and Betty, does anyone have any contact details for them in New Zealand.


Many Thanks!


Ariel  Bruce

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