Postponed EGVRA AGM

With the continuance of the exceptional circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic we have still not been able to reschedule the AGM which was due to be held on 14th March. I felt that I should communicate with you and offer a brief update on EGVRA activity.

At the AGM I would, of course, have presented my report and this was circulated to you by email on 29 th April. Those to stand for officer roles and membership of the committee were advised to you on the agenda circulated in the middle of February. I can advise you that all those referred to are still in post with the exception of Joyce Taylor as Vice-Chairman who re-considered her offer to stand and decided she would not do so. It was noted in the text that accompanied the agenda that David Curley would not be re-standing as Hon. Secretary. Please note we have Rob Buick as our membership secretary but we no longer have a minutes secretary and this is causing us some difficulty in ensuring we rigorously follow up and monitor decisions taken and actions agreed at committee meetings. I would urge you to consider offering to join us to undertake that vital role. Agenda items 8. And 9. were to allow members the opportunity to make suggestions for EGVRA going forward and raise any matters of interest/concern. If you have any comment to make in this regard, please do not hesitate to communicate with us.

We are holding virtual committee meetings and the next is to be held on Monday 6 th July. This is enabling your committee to regularly discuss all the issues relevant to our village community.

The EG Village Forum is in place and Mike Kelly who chairs the Forum Steering Committee is also a member of the EGVRA Committee. He and his group are spending many hours on investigating and researching to establish the Village Plan in a rigorous but timely manner. They are holding virtual meetings only which, regrettably, is a constraint on the consultation needed within our community. However, they are moving forward and need as many members as possible. If you and others in your household are not yet signed up as Forum members, please do so at

I wish you, and those close to you, to stay well and safe during this challenging time for us all.

Keith Bendall – Chair EGVRA

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